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“ One of the keys of our work is to elaborate the best possible reports. In the esports industry, you have to be creative, and Blinkfire has helped us measure the ROI of activations since the very beginning. We are really proud to work closely with their development team and to offer our partners leading-edge measuring methods. ”

- Vodafone Giants

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Social Media

Make better, more informed decisions with real-time social media analytics.

  • All-in-one social media management and automated reporting.
  • Track and value content from your team, players, and content creators.
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Measure the impact of partnerships across owned & earned media.

  • Don't wait weeks or months for partner data. Report on sponsorship insights 24/7.
  • Use the most advanced, accurate valuation methodology on the market to value sponsorship exposure and content.
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Brand Affinities & Interests

No more guessing. Better understand the interests of your followers.

  • Monitor fan sentiment across brands and categories.
  • Align partnerships across your esports audience's likes & interests.
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Report smarter, not harder, with the data you need, instantly.

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Streaming Report

Real-time snapshot of streaming data.

  • Analyze the streaming performance for all of your creators in one report.
  • Benchmark streams across esports teams, players, and creators plus games.
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Track and value full streams, no matter the length.

  • Real-time tracking and processing of streams unlocks analytics and sponsorship exposure.
  • Leverage Blinkfire's most advanced AI and computer vision technology stack.
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Audience Insights & Demographics

Are your fans Boomers or Zoomers? Know your fans, so you can create content that wows.

  • Discover and grow your audiences across social platforms.
  • Optimize key fan insights that matter most.
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Blinkfire Inventory Manager

Sick of spreadsheets? Monitor and track your assets, campaigns, and rate cards in one place.

  • Build, sell, and collaborate on inventory items, from social and digital to physical and custom assets.
  • From rate cards to real-time ad rates, know the market trends and ad spend.
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